Haute couture on Parisian markets

Very often Parisians buy food on markets. And for helping to transport the goods they use an amaaazing tool: a shopping bag on the wheels (chariots de courses).

That bag in our home-countries is the typical companion of grandmas over 70+. And it is totally not common for young people to shop with something like that.

But it’s Paris. The rules are different… and after a month of shopping with backpacks that were full already after first fruit/veggies-booth my husband and I bought us the representative of a Parisian fashion-life.

You will need that bag in the Capital of Fashion 🙂

You have no idea, how helpful it is!

We can buy much more food! Ok, we don’t need more, but we can buy the products that are more voluminous (f.e. watermelon) without thinking how we suppose to bring it home.

Our model of the shopping bag can «walk» on the stairs, so it’s just perfect for the market shopping… and washing… and maybe we soon come up with other good ideas to use it=)

Parisian «Haute Couture» XD

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