Hello friends!

Welcome to my personal site («Masha’s fairytales»=) that I originally started as my travel diary.

I spent 8 years in Germany. First posts about my fantastic life there and travels in Europe are in Russian as I mostly created everything for my family and friends in Russia.

Later I moved to Paris and started a micro-blog about my integration in France:

experience of shopping-like-a-local in Paris;

— pictures from the celebration of a National Day etc.

— one of the last pictures of Notre-Dame-de-Paris as we’ll never see it again.

You can read these short stories and see my pictures here.

Right now I live in the UK (with my awesome Sicilian husband;). My new home is Portsmouth: a nice city on the south coast of England.

And I’ll try to continue to post my notes about the details that will attract my attention here. It’ll be in a mixed format:

— short notes about the differences between Russia — UK — Germany — Italy etc.;

— longer articles if in the UK travels some site would particularly impress me.

(I’ll try to write as much as possible in English but may skip it sometimes).

However, due to some movement restrictions that have also affected the UK, in the nearest future, I plan to sort my pictures and finish the old articles.


To contact me feel free to write an e-mail or DM me on Instagram 😉