About trains

I strongly recommend you to paying attention to the train coach you’re sitting in while travelling in the English trains.

1. Sometimes the platform of some train stations is so short, that the last coaches will not reach it, and the doors will not be open.

That means that if you seat in the coach nr. 10 and hear something like «pfbrgr [name of the destination you’re aiming for] pfffgvbhmpkcsh [number less than 10]», you need to stand up and move forward in the train, to the coach with the number you just heard.

2. Another situation when the coach number is important is if the train will be divided somewhere on the way. I just got into the train Portsmouth&Southsea/Bognor Regis. As Bognor Regis is pretty far from Portsmouth, it can’t be one destination. So the train will be divided and the first 4 coaches will continue to Portsmouth…

Oopsie, I’m in the 6th, going to change now!

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